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We are trying to use RightFax to send various documents from OneWorld. We have set up a simple test document that includes the required embedded fields that RightFax looks for to address the fax correctly but whatever font we choose in OneWorld UBE Builder, RightFax cannot read the embedded fields.

I think that we have tried just about all on offer within the UBE developer. If we create a document in Notepad and set the font to Courier or CGTimes it works fine.

Anybody out there using RightFax directly i.e. using the virtual printer and then directing the pdf files to it. If so, what font did you select? Can you download additional fonts to be available in OneWorld development?

Thanks for any help.

Andrew Stavordale
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We use RightFax but documents are processed thru Optio which then may send on to RightFax.

I'm not a RightFax expert, so pardon me if I'm wrong here. Are you sure RightFax is able to see any part of the document? I'm asking because usually files are sent to RightFax as PCL documents and I didn't think that RightFax had the ability to decode PDF files directly.

Just a thought.

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