Rid is required Error on Orch


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Hi we just started using jde orchestrator. I have a form request which returns data on the grid. When I process the app in E920, it return the grid with 11 records. However when I am running the orchestration on the form request of same form, it gives below error.

"status": "ERROR",
"message": "ServiceRequest CustomerList: Message: rid is Required",
"exception": "Exception",
"timeStamp": "2020-07-02T15:43:54.526-0500",
"userDefinedErrorText": ""

any clue any one?



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I've received this error before in a couple of situations, but it doesn't seem to be consistent. I'm sure there are certain situations that drive it, but for me it's been:

1. The form I'm calling does a 'Find upon Entry'. On the web client it's limited to the first 50 rows or so, but on Orchestrator it finds all records. So it times out before it ever gets to the data selection. For this you have to limit the number of records it retrieves on the Form Request.

2. I tried to modify a record with a UDC value that didn't exist in that environment. Instead of giving me that error message, which would have made my life easier, I got the generic RID is required message.


could you provide some screenshots?
I encountered that error before, you should check what value does the service request accepts.
Example in Who's Who Email, EAETP - Email Address Type (01/ET).
In UDC, values are
A Attention Email
B BCC Email
C CC Email
CUS Customer Email
E Email Address
I Internet Address (URL)
P Purchasing Email
R Remittance Email
RC Internal Email Only

But my service request doesn't recognize EAETP = A or Attention Email, I got it mapped like this:
It only accepts the digits - I only figured it out by using the process recorder. Since the value generated was only digits.
1 - Attention Email
2 - BCC Email
3 - CC Email
4 - Customer Email
5 - Email Address
6 - Internal Email Only
7 - Internal address
8 - Internet Address (URL)
9 - Purchasing Email
10 - Remittance Email


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Apologies for late reply, the reason it was giving error because I was not using correct form for browsing data, initially I was using headerless detail when I changed it to find and browse, it started working.
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