Reversing a PO receipt after stocking with Lot Control integrity


We have a problem in that we received the wrong quantity into stock from a PO. We are using lot control and receipts routers. I realize we can reverse the receipt by using "Movement and Disposition" and moving the item in reverse order through the receipts router. After the reversal is complete, upon reviewing the Cardex, we find a record with an "OV" transaction type with a correct negative quantity but with a newly assigned lot number. Our Lot Processing type is a '1' meaning the lot number is required and is assigned YYYYMMDDxxxx on a next number basis.

I've worked with JDE on this and have not come up with a suitable solution( on "movement and disposition" upon original receipt enter an option '4' Multi-location, then enter quantity received onto the next blank line and press enter. This will write a lot number to the F43121 file for a possible later reversal). This solution is OK but the person receiving the items has to perform several additional steps not knowing if or when this transaction may be reversered.

I would think that this problem(of entering the wrong quantity at STK location) would be a common occurance in those shops using lot control and receipts routers.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Ron Levesque

Ronald Levesque
MIS Director
A7.3 Cume 9