Reverse Ship Confirmed Line in P42101

Hi Experts,

Need a Advice, Mistakenly Ship Confirmation process has happened for 1 line therefore Inventory has gone negative. There are 2 lines created in F4111 and 1 line has completed Sales Updated Also. For other line, Sales Update has not done therefore we need to reverse that line in order to solve the on hand Qty.

My Idea is to do below,

1) Create a new line for that Order in P42101 by adding same Qty as a negative Value.
2) Set the Last Status and Next Status as 540 and 555
3) do the Ship Confirmation
4) Set the Last Status and Next Status to 620 and 999 to avoid Sales Update ( Sales Update is done through Scheduler )

want to verify whether above solution is work or is there any other process to Solve this ?