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Reverse Receipt and Flex Accounting for Landed Costs


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Hi List,

I am trying to implement Flex Accounting for Landed Costs. At the time of
receipt it works fine, but when you reverse that receipt I get two errors.
Instead of using flex accounting AAI 4390 uses the projectnumber of the
Branch/Plant, first error, Blanks invalid for Account Number, second error.

When I fill in a business unit in AAI 4390 everything works fine. Problem
is that it isn't a solution for me because we have 5 branch/plants who all
want to see seperatly in accounting their amount of invoices to receive
including landed costs.

In G1631 - P16902 Enabled Functionality by Application I filled in SM in
combination with P43214 and FA in combination with F0101 and P43214.

In the processing options I refer to a version of P4312 and P43291 that both
have flex accounting activated.

Anyone an idea what could be wrong? Is their an ESU to solve this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.

OW XE SP15.1 Sun Oracle



There is a processing option in P4312 that indicates which cost center to use in case the AAI is blank. One option is to use the project number attached to the Business unit and the other one is the header business unit of the receipt.
Check this value in P4312 and LC version called by P4312.
Hope this helps.