Return to the Sign-in Role chooser without logging out?


Can one return to the "sign-in role chooser" without having to log out for the purpose of quickly switching between roles?
Or more to the point can a user switch roles once logged in rather than just filtering the menu with the "menu filter role chooser"

Enterprise One Tools Release: 9.1.4
No, you can't return to the "sign-in role chooser".

You can use the drop down on the top right of the screen to change role at any time.
What do you mean by "menu filter role chooser"? That's pretty much all choosing a role does anyway.
"That's pretty much all choosing a role does anyway."
True. but when choosing a role at sign in rather then the drop down on the top right, you are restricted to that roles abilities only.
We want to be able to switch roles quickly, but defend against accidentally doing an operation from the wrong role or company.
Currently our users sign out and sign back in to switch role/company. Just looking for a quicker way to switch.
using all* and the drop down to filter seems a little open to accidents.
If you have Single Sign-on implemented, then that would speed up your logout/login - and then you can set up JDE to prompt for a role as the user then logs in.

Seems the fastest method and delivers exactly what you want. Of course you need SSO implemented ! Everest Software could do this for you with their SSO product.
This may be what we attempted to do:
What we tried was:
Created a role called "Logon" that had DenyALL and added it to *ALL
then added the other roles relevant to that user. keeping Logon as the highest precedence in the security chain.
this did effectively what we wanted. allowing the user to log in, have no rights once reaching the home page, then are forced to choose a roles from the role chooser(top right drop down).
However that only showed the menu items that user could access under that role. it didn't then override "Logon" DenyALL and the system would then not let the user perform any tasks.

the risk we want to avoid is we have roles like "CompanyA Purchasing" and "CompanyB Purchasing" and we don't want to risk logging in as *ALL picking CompanyA purchasing from the top right drop down and accidentally purchasing something as CompanyB. if i understand correctly that cant be avoided if logging in as *ALL?