Retrieve All F4074 Adjustments


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Hello Group,

I have a unique requirement on E1 9.1. During the process to enter Sales order when user enters item on the grid, Row Exit changed inline asyn executes. Now the pricing information gets populated. Take Row Exit to P4074 - Price History, we can see all the adjustments applied to this line.

Requirement - In a custom application, user will enter item number. We want to show all the adjustments that will be applied to this item. First goal for user is to know if any discount adjustment gets applied. We just have item number and branch and no customer information. One way I am trying(not completed) is to use F4211 Edit line, acccess the F40UI74 cache, but that would slow the interactive application. Any suggestions or experience regarding the same.
In order to use F4211EditLine, you will need to know the ShipTo. I believe the those pricing functions ultimately need to know the customer in order to create those adjustment records in the F40UI74. There is an interactive app already (P4074|W4074D) that does what you're asking, but again, it requires customer info. I am not talking about the row-exit from SOE, although it may even be the same form... there is an inquiry mode to P4074 that allows you to inquire on any input.

If you are looking to 'see' adjustments for an item with no regards to customer, I don't think (I am not sure) there is any built-in means to do this. I believe this would require custom programming to determine every adjustment that would apply based on your Adv Pricing setup. This would be much more process-intensive than just calling the SOE master business functions, which I think P4074 does anyway.
Thanks Jeremy. Got it P4074 has the inquiry screen which does the same. This was the super insight I was looking for. Now I am going back to P4074 and will check how can I get this done. Thanks. Will get back with any questions/ solution.