RESOLUTION - Automatic Printing on NT APP (Enterprise) Server


Hi Folks,

I wanted to thank all who responded to my original post, and let you
know that I have actually got the JD Edwards printing functionality to
work, in spite of JD Edwards' position that it wouldn't. Some replies
to my post indicated that those with similar environments had it
working, so I kept working at it.

Although I've tried lots of things, I believe the key to it was that I
had not logged on to the server as JDE (the One World Service account,
which needs access to the printers) and INSTALLED the printer I was
trying to print to, under that account's profile. Once I did that, I
can use RUNUBE from a command line / batch file / scheduled job, and it
prints every time.

Thanks again for the replies, and if anyone would like to know more
details please let me know.

David Van Vugt
Network Support Analyst
Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario