Reserved transaction - P4205


Whilst trying to access a Sales Order record a user is getting the following
The transaction is reserved for update by in application P4205 using key
To update, you must inquire again after has released the transaction

Same functionality works for other Sales Orders. The problem has been
attributed to PC hanging during use of system.

Message details supplied seem a little garbled to me, BUT has anyone seen
this and know how to resolve it. It has been suggested that there is some
lock on a table(s) in the database. I've had a look and can't find any
locks on tables F4201 or F4211. Not sure if these are correct tables in any
case. The database gets shutdown for COLD backup each night, but this
problem is still lurking!

Hope I'm not being too vague about above as this is new to me so any
pointers/help would be much appreciated :)

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The lock is kept in File F00095. Clear out the record in question and it
will be available to others again. This happens when a PC locks up while in
a record and the lock doesn't get removed.

Don Mattes
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We ran across this during Xe implementation and our consultants used P00095
job (off G1753 menu) to unlock the reserved records. In our case, we were
sure there was no good reason for the reservation.

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