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try the "Deploying Modification" manual, Section Deployment/Deploying to
Workstations from CD. The manual I have in hands is B733.1 . Should be
mostly the same with Xe.
I have done it before on Xe and it worked well.
I don't know the reason why you want to use a CD. If you send update
packages to those workstations later on you will have to use a CD as well.
OW remembers (registry) the install location and goes back there for update
packages. In a LAN I would always deploy from the depoyment server or set up
a secondary DS.

Good luck, Gerd

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Assunto: Xe Client Install to CD

We are getting ready to go live with Xe in a few weeks and are planning the
client installs. Does anyone have, or know where I can find, documentation
on how to put a client install package on CD for full deployment when we
move to PROD?


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