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I am a consultant and have been involved in two Go-Live processes with JAS
last month. One was post-poned because of bugs in the JA-Server and the
other one was a fiasco.
I think that JAS is a good idea but I would be very caution to go live on
it. Probably 98% of what you are doing is ok. The remaining 2% will give you
a hard time. It's still a new product.

My more cautious client found a bug that shows up whenever
'SuppressGridLine' is called many times, that is, when it hits a lot of
data. Websphere will reboot itself in this case and all user have to logon
again. (I posted this problem to the LIST and got NO answers.) The solution
Denver came up with is that they will fix each program as we report it. The
"global" solution will be in B9. That's not good enough for s.o. who needed
to go live in July.

I don't know, but I would go Citrix.

Hope this helped, Gerd

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Assunto: Who is live using JAVA server and 0 Client

Is anyone currently live using JAVA server and 0 client. We will be
approaching a go live date soon and it is our intent to only deploy fat
clients where it is necessary. We have offices that will need access to
OneWorld over a WAN. I am just curious if anybody has a similar scenario. We
don't have any plans to use Citrix, is anybody doing this successfully.
Please share you experience with me.

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