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RES: Versions and Package Builds


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No, you do not necessarily build packages to deploy new objects. Whenever
you try to execute a program (or a version) from the menu OW looks for it in
your local spec files. If it´s not there it gets JITI´ed down. Just because
you build and installed a full package does not mean that JITI
(Just-In-Time-Installation) is turned off. It just does not kick in because
most of your specs are already on your workstation. You CAN turn off JITI in
the Environment Master.
Batch versions do have (RDA-)specs.

Please include your OW version and platform in your signiture. Your name
would be nice too.

B7321, B7331, Xe, NT, Unix, Oracle, JAS, WTS

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that whenever a new version was created (eithere copied or added) it would=
need to be included in a package build/deploy in order for others users to=
access it. Just recently I've seen a user copy dozens of versions, check t=
hem in via OMW, add them to menus, and then (without me building a package =
with these versions) other users can use and see these new versions.</P>

How is this? I always thought all versions and objects needed to be built a=
nd deployed in a package for all users to see them without checking them ou=
t and overriding local specs. Why didn't a package need to be built? =
Is it because spec files weren't modified for the versions?</P>