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RES: UBE failes after SP15.1


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Thanks List, especially Sebastián.
My problem was NOT the missing F00166. There were errors in our custom UBE
that did not show up or did not matter under SP7.1 .
Sorry MCB, I am unable to do the testing you requested. Maybe sombody else
can ...

Thanks, Gerd

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Please, could you tell us if the R09801 runs on the server succesfully?.
We have the SP15_1 and B7331, Oracle 8.0.6 and Solaris 7, and we have a
problem with this report on the server, runs succesfully locally.
It's updating F0902, F0018, but in F0911 is not updating the GLPOST field to
"P", it's only doing it for journal entry lines 10, 20 ,30, but not for
2-9-11-19-21, etc...
About your problem don't worry because it's due to XE tables that doesn't
exist in B7331.
Please, could you tell us if you have the same problem with this report?
because we think it's due to the SP15_1.
Thanks in advance.

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