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RES: Spec Merge problems Upgrading to Xe


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Try running the spec merge (R98700) with Data Selection for your BSVWs only.

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Assunto: Spec Merge problems Upgrading to Xe

Can anybody help:

We are upgrading from B7322 to Xe with Update 1 and Service Pack 15.1

When merging custom Business views during the upgrade using R98700 (spec
merge) we are getting a memory violation, without any meaningful error
messages .

The message we get is "EventRule: Business Function AddCumObject at line
24 for Event 13 in Section Merge Specs has caused memory violation"

Running Intel box, NT4 sp 6a, SQL 7 SP 2 and MDAC 2.6

Thanks for any help on this one


Andre Rautenbach

IT Implementation Mng

CSR Emoleum