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it is not unsual to have BSFN's failures after the application of ESUs. I
have seen these errors especially with xt4311z* files.
The application of JD5550 indicates that you are on B733.2 . Make sure you
build the full packages with "Clear output" checked and see that there are
no compile errors.
Sometimes when we apply ESUs, newer files get overwritten with older ones.
Do a search on xt4311z*.c in your planner\packages directory and see, if the
more recent files (timestamp) are the same that are applied to your
PATHCODE\source directories. In case, do the same for xt4311z*.h files and
the include directories.

Hope this helped, Gerd

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We have production environment and Custom environment. Since we can not do
the testing in the production environment, so generally we first apply the
ESU in the custom environment, do the user testing and then apply the ESUs
in the production environment.
Recently we apply the ESUs 4116422, 4605023, 4605031, JD12225, JD7060,
JD6823, JD6815, JD5400, JD12018 and JD5550 to the custom environment then
did the user testing. after that we applied the same ESUs to the Production
environment( Method of ESU application changed because of JD5550 ESU) and
after that everything should work ok, but we are getting the errors using
the application P0411, and the logs indicated the following BSFN failures:
XT4311Z1A, XT4311Z1B.
Can somebody tell me why it is working in one environment and not in the
second. we build full package in both cases and log files of the full
packages show that the packages were build successfully.