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Backup table obj7333.f9861 first!!!
When you copy PY7333 on top of PD7333 you will have to delete the entries
for PD7333 in F9861 manually:
delete from obj7333.f9861 where sipathcd = 'PD7333';
You then copy all records for objects in PY7333:
create table f9861_temp as select * from obj7333.f9861 where sipathcd =
'PY7333' and simkey = 'YOURDEPLOYMENTSERVER';

update f9861_temp set sipathcd = 'PD7333';
insert into obj7333.f9861 select * from f9861_temp;

You hould do all this immedeatly after copying the Central Objects.

For the versions table you do this (after the copy of C.O.):
update pd7333.f983051 set vrenhv = 'PD7333' where vrenhv = 'PY7333';

Good luck, Gerd

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Can you please clarify fixing the F983051 (Version's) table and the object
librarian F9861 table using SQL? What needs to be done? Last week I used
the R98403 to copy all CO, Control Tables, Versions and Business Data from
PY to PD, but I have not been able to build a successful full server
Maybe this is what I am missing.

Xe, SP 15, Unix, Oracle8i

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