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when JDE speaks about multithreading a UBE they are talking about being able
to run the same UBE in parallel more then once on the same machine (or a
different machine).
What you are looking for is totally different. When you want a process to be
executed by the operating system in a way that pieces of the code are being
processed in parallel you probably need to program accordingly and have a
compiler that can handle such task and set some compiler flags.
When a UBE executes, rdaspec-code (among others) is being interpreted. I
find it very difficult to get that multithreaded in your sense. How could
the OS know what event rule is independend from the next in order to run
them in parallel? You would have to get a special version of OW-kernel that
is capable of doing that. Such version does not exist and I doubt it will in
the near future, if it is possible at all.
You have a fast machine. If an otherwise idle machine is still too slow for
you when processing a UBE, you might look into database tuning, check your
ethernet link, check indexes, etc.
Some UBEs do take some time. You might want to check here at the LIST if
your execution times are far different from what others experience.

By the way, it has been discussed at this forum that UBEs have the tendency
to run slower on AS/400s then on NTs .

Thanks, Gerd

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Since I have started with my current employer, there have been complaints
about the speed of the system and the time that is required to complete
reports. Granted, the reports are large, and the comparison being made was
from a large AS/400 system where some of the users had come from (compared
to NT). So I have setup a separate logic (applications) server to separate
the JDE logic from the SQL7 database. What I have found is disappointing. It
appears that the Oneworld UBE process is not truly multi-threaded. When I
kick off a report, I can see it executing on the box on a single processor.
That processor is being used 80-100%, but none (it is a 4-way) of the
processors are being touched. I have played with NT, prioritization, and the
jde.ini file, and have yet to get any more performance out of the ube
system. If this is the case, then throwing a UBE from a single to a four-way
will not help at all, only in the case when you are running multiple UBEs at
the same time where each UBE may be running on a different CPU.
I have read up in the JDE books, and it just notes that the 'developer
can select for the UBE to be multithreaded' but I don't see any
options/properties in the RDA for this..All I can assume is that they mean
the business functions and c source code behind it, is written to be
Does anyone have experience with the above and "forcing" the code to use
more than one processor, or have any other performance ideas? I suspect this
is a limitation of the actual foundation code, and how it was ported to NT,
but wanted to see what the list thought. At this point, I am frustrated and
management is pushing to possibly move the platform to AS/400.
Any ideas?


The logic server is a 4-way 550mhz P3/Xeon w/1GB of ram.

Xe, SP16/Update2, NT4/SP6a, SQL7/SP3, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

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