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If I am not mistaken you posted a question here a few days ago asking about
migrating to a new server while doing the upgrade. (Correct me if I am
wrong.) It looks like you are running the TC against Xe Business Data. That
won't work. You must run it against a copy of your B733.2 Business Data.
That's what the Table Conversion is all about. And why are you converting
Production first? Should that not be CRP Business Data first?
Please, give us some more background of what you are doing / have done, we
might be able to help!


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Hi list...
I'm in the process of migrating from B7332 to XE... When I run the Table
Conversion Workbench, I select Convert All but it stops after a while and
the .PDF shows
....F0101 Address Book Master...Table and Index
creation....Completed with errors

The Jde.log shows the following :

1072/1704 Thu Aug 30 14:49:52 2001 JDBODBC2031
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]There is already an
index on table 'F03B11' named 'F03B11_14'. - SQLSTATE: S0011

1072/1704 Thu Aug 30 14:49:52 2001 jdb_drvm887
JDB9900401 - Failed to execute db request

1072/1704 Thu Aug 30 14:49:52 2001 jdb_exem597
JDB2100018 - Failed to create index 14 for table F03B11 in data
source Business Data - PROD

Then I try to convert one by one all the tables and it seems that the
process hangs because the CPU goes to 100% but I don't see any disk
activity or any UBE running...

If Some one out there could sahre any ideas please....


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