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FW: Deployment ServerThai,

I agree with David, it's best to reinstall and then restore from backup.
When you re-install OW from CD you can save some time and install the OW
software only, no pathcode and no Database stuff. You get all that from your

If you still want to restore everything from backup instead, here's what you
- restore the X:\jdedwardsoneworld folder
- restore jdedwards key in registry
- restore C:\jde*.* files
- restore WINNT\jde.ini file .
- recreate ODBC setup

If you have do not have any of the above you will have to re-install from CD
and get an SPC code from Denver.

Good luck,
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The best thing to do if you have backups is to do a new install of the JD
Edwards software. (This will write the registry files) and then restore the
X:\JDEdwardsOneWorld\ folder. This will take care of it.