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RES: Clearing Demo Data


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there are several ways you can get it.

- Drop all tables owned by testdta. Reinstall (installation planner) the
DV7333 environment. On the Data Load option choose "Load Production Data".
You would need some knowledge about OW installation.

- If you are not in production yet (Original Business Data - Prod) you can
just export all tables owned by proddta and import to user testdta.

- Why do you want to clear your Demo data? Do you want to copy another set
of Business Data on top? In that case just use R98403 to copy, let´s say,
Business Data - CRP to Business Data - Test. Set the processing option to
recreate existing tables. Seems to be the safest way to me.

Good luck, Gerd
B7321, B7331, Xe, NT, Unix, Oracle, JAS, WTS

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How do I clear the demo data that OneWorld installed. Do I use R98403? We
need to clear out Dev.

Thanks for any help.

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