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Grant, you've got all the information, just do it. This HAS been done
Actually, long time ago, I was taking the package build class at JDEdwards,
the instructor needed a full package which was not available. He did exactly
what you are saying here in front of the class and it worked (oh no, I won't
tell the instructor's name here).
Being serious, I think the setup.inf you are talking about is not used at
all. You might get into trouble when you build subsequent update packages
though. When you need to input the parent package during Package Assembly
your PDFULL1 package will not show up in the list. Here's a little trick. Do
what you described below, then go through Package Assembly and Package Build
Definition screens and define your PD package exactly as you want it. In the
build definition select to do a compress of one of the directories only
(just do anything at all during the build), no spec build, no BSFN
Do Submit Build and make sure to say: "No, do not delete existing files"
when you are asked.
So you would be actually faking to rebuild a package that has never been
build. This way the Package Status gets properly updated (F96021 from the
top of my head) and your package is official. I think the package.inf gets
recreated as well.

But then, going through all this trouble, would it be much worse to actually
build the package? You might be 100 times sure that your PD is the same as
PY, there is always some little difference!

Let us know, Gerd

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I was seeing if anyone has done this before or if it is possible. After
talking to JDE and some others, they say it may be better just to build and
deploy instead of trying to manually do it to make sure nothing is missed.
Say, we have PY all ready to go. We have build the full client and server
packages and tested. PD is going to be identical to PY except for the data
of course and OMW has transferred all the objects to PD. We want to build
FULL packages for PD. Can I somehow, copy the PY client and server packages
without going through the build process.

I was talking to JDE and it appears when you copy a definition or build, the
directories behind the scenes are not created or copied on the deployment
server. JDE said if the environments are identical, you can manually copy
the path code library (AS400), the IFS folders (AS400), and the inf files
(package_inf folder DEP server), then change the .inf file to reflect the
correct path code. On the DEP server, for example, to get the main package

copy \B7333\PY7333\PACKAGE\PYFULL1 to \B7333\PD7333\PACKAGE\PDFULL1

There, however, are setup.inf files located on the DEP server under each
package (located in \include, \make, \res, \source, \work) which have paths
in them but haven't been modified since the install of Xe. They are also
not text files. Would I need these files or were they just for the initial

tia, Grant

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