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RES: AS/400 to Oracle


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Justin is right, the way would be JDBNET. I have never set it up myself
either. It's supposed to be possibly. I have been told by a senior technical
manager from JDEdwards that JDBNET is prohibitive due to it's very poor
performance. If it would be used occasionally for one UBE only it might

Let us know. I'm curious to find out.


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Hi Wade,

Although I have never had the need to configure it, I believe that JDBNet
(not to be confused with JDENet) is your solution here.

The idea is that you run OneWorld services on your NT/Oracle box. It is
essentially configured as an app/batch server. You can then configure your
AS400's server map so that the datasource that should point to Oracle points
instead to your app server with the type being JDBNET. When the AS400 needs
to read from that datasource it pipes queries to the apps server, the apps
server will retrieve the information and transmit it back to the AS400.
This is all handled by the middleware.

Again, I have never done this. I do not know how well it works or how it
performs as compared to other database drivers.

If you give it a try, let us know how it works out.


Justin Miller

working with B7332 and XE on AS/400, NT, Solaris and AIX