Requisition entry and approval system


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Our company is getting ready to ramp up a project to create a little Lotus
Notes Requisition Entry and Approval system. We do not have JDE in the
field and our field people want a more automated method for getting
requistions through their approval routes and up to corporate. It just
seems that someone else would have already thought of this. Does anyone
know of any small package that may/maynot interface with JDE, but performs
the above functions?

Jean Driscoll
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Actually several possibilities exist. For instance, I have one client that has a web browser front end to World software.

All of their vendors use the procurement system via the web, primarily for inquiry. There is nothing to say that you could not accept/modify and approve reqs using the standard JDE processes in this same manner.

I have several other ideas as well. I need to check on specifics and therefore will need to forward them to you after I return to my office later this week.


Robert W. Starinsky
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