requesting suggestion on project structure, master data function assignment

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hello list.

for people who have migrated from world to one world (we will migrate, on
coexistence mode, from world a73 to one world xe by january 2001), kindly
give us an indication of your project organization, and the timetable that
it took you to implement the migration (which modules did you migrate, how
many users).

also on organization and implementation, we would be very grateful if you
could share with us your set up on data management: who are allowed access
to master data, to which department do they report to, how are all relevant
parties informed, given this set up when there are changes to say the bom,
or routings, or other master data components?

also, to where do the security offricers report to?

as well, what is the size of your project team? how is it structured? who
heads it --- and do you have separate leads for IT and business, and by
business area?

we are really looking for project management and implementation models; any
help is great help. any suggestion is most welcome.

thanks very much in advance.

melo portugal
united laboratories
manila, philippines