Hello List,

I'm working with a large client ($8 billion in revenues) with the following
dilemma: They are currently using World and they have approximately 7,000
custom reports (combination of WorldWriters, FASTRs, and STARs). In their
move to OneWorld, they would like to reduce the amount of redesign and long
term maintenance by only having around 100 (not a typo!) custom reports.
They are very interested to know if there are any other clients who can run
their business on this small number of custom reports.

Any opinions?

-Mike Klehm

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BPR - business process re-engineering - or whatever it is called today. My
mind tells me that everyone could get used to one small set of reports (but
with lots of versions) but my experience tells me that it will happen only
when manager bonuses are based on something besides profitability. Most
managers want those reports to understand what their business unit is doing
and to improve its performance. I suppose that you could charge the
business units for the cost to create and maintain the reports but --- good
luck making that work.

Richard Jackson
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Just out of curiosity, are all of the client's business units running World (same set of code, etc) or just some of them?

The reason I'm asking is that frequently in large companies use of packages such as World is utilized not by the entire enterprise but by one or more business units within the enterprise whose needs are not as broad as the entire enterprise. Do you see where I'm getting at?

Larry Jones
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