Reporting options except One View on 9.1



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There are 4 separate E1 8.0 installations that will become one centralised 9.1 installation.
There is already an established DW on SQL Server and IBM Cognos as the chosen BI Tool.

The question is how Oracle BI publisher compares to Cognos for operational reporting. One View is not in the picture since ad-hoc is a big need here and IT will create the reports.

Cognos has powerful modelling tools thus can provide adequate modelling layers for report authoring, abstracting the native reporting difficulties in JDE (file decimals, table names , column names). Although even this is not difficulty for us since we are messing with JDE tables since 15 years now.

So as i see , competition for Operational Reporting is BI Publisher Enterprise edition.

Is this correct? I could do my modelling and custom reporting there?

I need to choose between 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1:
Operational Reporting: UBE + BI Publisher Ent,
BI: Cognos BI + TM1

Scenario 2:
Operational Reporting : UBE + Cognos Instance for relational reporting
BI: Cognos BI + TM1

Any other options / opinions / experiences?


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Don't know what TM1 is.

BI Publisher is not a real reporting tool in my opinion. Embedded BI Publisher (version included with JDE) is really more of a Document generation tool (Purchase Orders, etc). Its not at all comparable to Cognos or similar products such as Crystal. Haven't really looked at BIP Enterprise but I doubt that it is anywhere near as mature and versatile as a real reporting solution.

Using UBE's for reporting and putting lipstick on the pig with BI Publisher is very labor intensive. Why would you do that? UBE's are basically batch programming. BI Pub development is programming. To create a nice report you have to program twice!
And you have to test, promote, ... before available to end users.

I can easily produce and implement in production a nice looking stock status report in < 1 hour using our reporting solution (Crystal Reports / Business Objects). 95% of our Operational and Financial Reporting is done outside of JDE.
We have power users that develop their own reports - reducing the IT work load. Can't / shouldn't do that using JDE Toolset.

There are many reporting solutions available to you outside the Oracle / JDE Toolset.
If Cognos isn't good for Operational Reporting (Not very familiar with it) there are others that are.

Also keep in mind that while JDE's database may be your main data store undoubtedly there are other applications / databases outside of the Oracle umbrella. We here have Oracle, SQL Server, Lotus Notes, MySQL, ...
Pick a tool that you can use across the board - not just for JDE.

We use a combination of facilities: Cognos for standard reporting; TM1 for budgeting (I think); ReportsNow for ad hoc reporting.

Cognos and TM1 are based on our data warehouse which includes the main JDE data, along with data from all over our organisation. It would appear that you are familiar with them (probably more than I).

ReportsNow uses the JDE database and JDE security. Chris Bruce (JDEList User ID: cbruce), who sometimes provides help on JDEList, is the one to contact. And no, as far as I'm aware, he is not related to me - unless you go back 7 or 8 hundred years, but that's another story.