Report Writer - One World B7332 NT SQL 7



Looking for some help with an existing custom report that a modification was
made and now seems to be in a loop. This report is a row spec report with no
fetches, some calculations. Changes being made are a) Add to existing data
selection an object account and b) Adding a new data line.

This report will function properly without the new mod's. By making these
changes we cannot figure out why this report is now going into a loop. We
have spoken to JDE Tech Support however they have not been able to offer any
suggestions. Can anyone provide some clue as to what could be wrong.

Thanks for the support.

Dominic Viscuso
Sargent Manufacturing
Manager, Information Systems
[email protected]


Dominic Viscuso,
SAR # 2396926 is for an older version of OW but addresses the issue of
custom reports. You may want to query on this UBE to see if there is a
similar one for your version. Just a thought.

Lisa G. Holthaus-Stinebuck
JDE / OneWorld System Administrator
O'Gara, Hess & Eisenhardt Armoring Co.

NEW EMAIL: [email protected]
cell: 513.378.2832
office: 513.881.9821


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did you try creating (adding, not copying) a new version after mods were put into the template ? i have had some problems just go away by trying this.
good luck,