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Report writer limit capabilities


Has any one found a way to limit the capabilities
of the report writer in one world so that by user it
is truly a report writer and has no update

I am uneasy about providing training in report
writer because of the extensive capabilities of the
package and would like to limit the exposure to

Conversely is it possible to limit access to
report writer to only specific environments. For
example only allow access in PY7333 so that if data is
corrupted it is only in prototype and not live. Any
feedback would be appreciated.

Are there any restrictions that anyone has run
into writing reports via Terminal server?

Bill Godfrey

B7333 SP14.2

Data AS400

SQL 7 SP 6



Legendary Poster
Hello Bill,
Our way to accomplish something close to your requirement is to limit ... the Developer access to the DV & PY environments, only! Therefore mistakes are ... almost welcome, not only human :)
In regards with writing reports via Terminal Server, there were a couple of threads some time ago, the archives could help you.
Warm regards,

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SANDBOX: Xe SP15 & Update2, Oracle 8i
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Adrian / Bill,

You probably are already aware of this but for the benefit of others considering Adrian's approach ... be aware that you CAN set UBEs to run against the data of other environments. Adrian's approach helps protect against honest mistakes, but not snooping and maliciousness.


Larry Jones
OneWorld XE, SP 15.1
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
Mfg, Distribution, Financials


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Larry is right ... as usually (I totally agree with Zoltan on this).
That is why the Security Workbench comes in handy, complementing the prior approach :)

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806, FormScape 2.1
SANDBOX: Xe SP15 & Update2, Oracle 8i
RS/6000, Citrix