Report Processing take too much time than expected


The report R5730034 which took normally 15-20 min to process in Production but recently it started taking more than 4+ hours to complete the process successfully. Could anybody please advice why the processing time is too high? what might be reason behind? I can able too see the time gap in the log(highlighted). Tested in QA (1.5 hrs of processing) & DV (36 min of Processing). Thanks in advance.

10617022Thu Mar 9 10:52:49.081177runbatch.c301
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 10:52:49.105932ipcmisc.c299
process 10617022 <runbatch> registered in entry 198
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 10:52:49.112832runbatch.c442
Startup for User=ARRGA1, Env=JPD900, Role=*ALL, Job#=16017157
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 10:52:51.786647zdrv.cpp323
Initializing the Z Driver
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 10:52:51.787268zdrv.cpp337
Gettting user data from hEnv
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 10:52:51.788114zdrv.cpp359
User data is ARRGA1, JPD900
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 10:52:51.789742zdrv.cpp368
Creating XML Session
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 10:52:52.072513:(runbatch.c935
RUNBATCH: Remote CP=1252, Remote OS=1, Local CP=1252, ConvertToASCII=0
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 15:17:52.812187:confused:zdrv.cpp384
Terminating Z driver
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 15:17:52.818158zdrv.cpp401
Calling freeSession
10617022/1 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 9 15:17:53.033385ipcmisc.c299
API ipcSawUnregisterProcV1 : process 10617022 unregistered in entry 198


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There isn't enough information in the post to help you here. More because its a custom UBE and only folks in your org with the know how of what this does would be able to figure out what it does.
Find out if there is a significant change in size to the tables used by this UBE.
I would try to run a debug on this UBE if the business allows to identify and analyze the performance.

You also may want to look at the following MOS docs.
E1: UBE: Slow UBE Performance on Server Causes All Subsequent UBEs to Stay in W -Waiting Status for Very Long Time (Doc ID 2204880.1)
E1: OS: General Information on EnterpriseOne Performance (Doc ID 636986.1)


There might be several reasons linked to it regarding slowness. Taking into consideration the waiting status for this job at any point your server is taking. the tables it hits, check the query runs with the best hash plan. check the parameters for your jde.ini file depending on the number of users you are having during the run time, check for the kernels value. We can't really hit at a single point based upon this log.