Report PDF output values must be printed horizontally but not vertically


Let report driver section is based on any Business View, Place a single business view field in the Driver section layout and when that report is executed the PDF output values must come horizontal i.e., one value besides another value but not one value below another value. Kindly let me know the process of achieving this.
How many rows? How many columns? There's several ways.. Assuming you need multiple rows, where the number of columns per row does not exceed a given max number: I'd say: Write the data to workfile first, then, in a conditional section, read from workfile and produce the desired output. If it's only one row with just a few columns, then maybe a workfile is a bit overkill (although technically still an option, and future-proof). Instead, you could place RV fields on one row in a conditional section, and populate them one by one from left to right through ER from the records read in you main section.
For this kind of thing, Remo is right, a work table (file) is almost always the easiest and best solution, especially for reports. Otherwise you start finding yourself having to code for repeating page headers, footers, etc. - things that are normally built in to the UBE engine.

Just remember to make sure your work table is multi instance friendly. In other words if you run multiple instances of the report at the same time they should not "step" on each other. This is best accomplished with something like a GUID as part of the PK in the work table that groups a report's records for the running instance together. That run time generated GUID then becomes part of your data selection that is set at run time.