Report not showing all the records


Hello All,

Have created a business view joining 4 tables. The primary table is connected to two tables with a simple join. The 4 th table is joined to one of the two 2ry ry tables with a simple join. It should return 54 records. But it returns only 32 for the report.
From the logs of the UBE got the SQL and executed in sql and it gives 54 records. Even the query selector tool from the data browser for that view gives 54 records. But the report, with no event rules or any additional data selection gives only 32.

The logs shows the message , "End of Records for the section with Return Code (0) after fetching 32 records."

Really we wanted to connected to the 2 secondary tables with a left outer join. When I do that the report only shows the 14 records. I removed eth 4 th table from eth business view and it gives 19 records. That's when I changed the joins to simple joins thinking it will show all the records. But still it is missing the records. All this happened in production.

Then I moved All the objects (files , Business views & reports) to development and copied all the same data from production to development and ran the report in development. It gives All the records in development.

I am running with no data selection at all for testing. What would go wrong in Production? :confused: Any ideas? We are on 9.1

Thank you very much for your time?