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Report kill MS SQL?


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Last few days we are experiencing a strange problem. We are on B733.2, SP10, MS SQL 7 and NT 4. I tried to change one old report and now when I run that report locally MS SQL stop with message “Attempt to unlock unowned resource”. Report is not using any TableI/O operation. I don’t understand how is that possible that report kill MS SQL. I will appreciate any help.

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Although your UBE don't use directly Table I/O in the ER , it can use Table I/O by its definition. I suppose, one or more section of your UBE based on a BusinessView. If it is so, I suggest:
* Determine the BSVW(s) of your UBE.
* Determine the table(s) of the BSVW(s).
* Determine where the table(s) are/is mapped to for the current User/Environment.
* Revise the security/owner settings of this/these datasource(s), further check the existence of this/these table(s) in the datasource(s) too.

It's just a hint.
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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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While i like all of Zoltan's ideas i wonder if there might be some corruption of either the version or ube or sql on your machine. maybe checkout the first two & reinstall the third just for humor ;-)

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