Report Design Aid - CSV layout window missing

James Monroe

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Greetings, we are on apps 9.0, tools

This may be mentioned somewhere but can't seem to find it. When you choose Start Report Design Aid for a UBE that has been set to export output to CSV, a small window will pop up so you can change the layout to allow you to more easily set the columns for csv output. I have somehow turned that popup window off so I don't get the option to change the grid layout for optimizing CSV. I've looked at the Layout option in RDA, but that does not seem to have the effect I need.

Anyone know how to get that pop up window back for a UBE set to export to CSV?



To set the columns for csv out you need to set the horizontal grid alignment to 52.
To check the export to csv box you need to to File->Print Setup


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In RDA, go to View --> User Options and there should be an option to Show CSV Tip Dialog. To do the manual settings, you want the Grid Alignment to be set to 52 Horizontal and 8 Vertical.