E9.0 Report definition security


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EOne version 9.0 Tools release is 8.98.49
Currently we have one report that has run for a number of years with a report definition, It is on the scheduler emailed to list the checks produced that day to upper management.
A third party system is migrating to JDE. This is for collection of bad debts.
I created a UBE with a report definition.
Moved it to production in order to compare both systems. and this was working very well as long as I was the one who ran the report on the web.

A while back QSOFT was implemented with the take away - grant back by application/UBE
Our chief tester tried to run in our PY environment. It did not produce the RD output.
when she signed on using her IT Support account - the RD showed up.
Our CNC does not know what security or what to do for this report to be used for all users.
All he uses is application security and processing option security.
Is it the P98305 with hyper link security? (to be honest - just browsing around)

A normal PDF will not work for them.
any ideas on what we need to do? Thank you all
Without looking at how your security is setup it's difficult to tell you what needs to be done. I would be willing to take a look at it with you in a zoom meeting if that would be of interest.