Report Definition Delivery options with BI Publisher


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Anyone using Report Definition delivery options... Specifically the Data Item for email subject and body?

I am trying to hook up a text substitution data item for the email subject and body, which is supported. I can get the text substitution to work if I hardcode values into the data structure parameters. What is also "supposedly" supported is the use of dynamic text substitution using elements of the XML output of the report. This I can not get to work. You are supposed to be able to enter an XPath to the XML element value you want in the substitution data structure parameter. I've tried every combination I can think of with no luck.

Again, hardcoding values in the substitution data structure works. Entering an XML Xpath does not.

Any tricks to get this working?


BTW: E910 TR:
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Hey Larry,

I have tried that: /my_xml_field ... actually that was the first thing I tried (as per the documentation)

It wasn't working then, but seems to be now. I must have done something wrong the first time. Thanks for getting me to try it again.