Report & Applications in a JDE Menu


Hi All,

I would like to know if there is any report or application from where we can get all the report & application names of a JDE Menu?

Example: If I want to know which report & applications are there in the below Daily Processing menu then how to get this info?

EnterpriseOne Menus >Foundation Systems >Address Book >Daily Processing

Note: I do not want to take mouse cursor to the menu and note app name.
Have you tried a query? something like
select * from f9000 where tmlngtask like '<Your Task>%' AND tmobnm <> ' '
You have a few options -

On a fat client, if you select menu design and then expand all the menu options you want to see, you can use the print option (it shows you the task id, program, version etc). Historically, on older releases I would use this option together with a pdf print/converter to get the output into a .pdf file and then finally into Excel. A little bit of hassle but it could be done.

You can use database queries as per the other reply.

I'm using a third-party security tool that make this area a lot easier to manage/maintain.

Thanks All.
JDE Report R90351 I used to fetch all the Menu information.

SKH - Which third party tool you use? is it free?
It's not free I'm afraid - I've used a QSoftware tool to manage our security / tasks. It's worked really well for me.


A couple of years ago (ten to be more precise) I found a nice Access database on JDEList named SETaskSearchEngine developed By Girish Washikar. He published also a nice user guide, as well.