Renaming an Object?


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Someone has to know how? So, who is it?... If someone can explain to me - how to 'rename an object' to the name of an object that already exists... I will FEDEX you a Mountain Dew (in bubblewrap).

I copied P4210 to P564210.
I heavily modded P564210 - heavily (not heavenly).
JDE ESU'd (daily?) the P4210.
My P564210 is out of sync with the current P4210.
My mods have conformed to the JDE MOD / Update standard (new buttons, unused ER and at the bottom of ER)....

I don't have a way to effectively compare the two and merge the ESU changes to P564210.

If it is possible - to rename the local specs of P4210 to P564210, save to the SV environment then use ER Compare to merge changes back into the modded P564210.

Anyone wanna Mt. Dew?

Daniel Bohner
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JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x


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This is the way we do....!
1. Make sure you have checked-in P564210 into PY and PD.
2. Rename the object name (SIOBNM) in JDE7333.F9860 table.
Eg. P564210 to P564210X
3. Move the new P4210 to your project and check-out.
4. Copy P4210 to P564210 in your project.
5. Copy your mods to new P564210 through VERC from the central objects (PY7333 or PD7333)



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CELEBRATION! Husni's example works great!

I shortcutted, though.

Check in P564210 and Promote
Rename the P564210 entry in F9860 to P564210X
Check Out P4210
Copy P4210 to P564210
SAVE the Copied P564210 to the SV environment
GET P564210 from the Promoted to Environment
ERCompare local specs against the SV environment.

THANKS HUSNI - Where am I supposed to deliver that Mountain Dew to?

Daniel Bohner
[email protected]
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x