Removing pennies

I have a request from the big guys to remove the pennies from Financial
Reports. Unfortunately the majority of our Financial reports use Row Specs
and Smart Fields. I called JDE to find an easy solution for this and found
a HUGE MESS!!! JDE sent me a paper instructing me to use BSFN B0000164 for
a multi-currency environment. I would then have to apply this to every cell
I want pennies removed from. HAHA!!! Our P&L Report has almost 400
accounts on it. Plus it would impact performance and it already takes 20
minutes per CO. I already told the big guys I could re-write the programs
how it should have been done but they want a quick fix for now. I also told
them I cold use Optio but it would take some extra steps. So my fellow
programmers any other ideas?????


Xe SP 15 UPD1 AS400 Coexistence CO/AS400

Richard Wheeler
OneWorld Developer
503-370-7071 X7261


Hi, Richard -

I, too, am involved in the wonderful world of financial reports in a multi-currency environment, and feel your pain greatly.

My release is not the same as yours, but I solved my problem using BSFN B0000164 - but not by applying it to every cell. I used it in the column inclusion event rule (you can also do it in the Do Variable event rule for the column), and it applied to the entire column, even to cells where cell overrides were used. I did not notice any impact on the performance in terms of how long the report took to run (those rows reports do take forever, do they not?). So far I have not experienced any problems, and it didn't take very long to do.

If you don't use BSFN B0000164 and come up with another solution, I'd be very interested in knowing what it is - alternatives are useful things indeed. Keep me posted...

Jennifer DiMartino
Applications Developer
Trendwest Resorts, Inc.

One World
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SP 11.3
Platform AS400