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Remove WB order types from Sypply Demand Inquiry (P4021)


Can you please provide your support on removing the WB order types from the Supply Demand Inquiry Screen? I would like only WO order types to be displayed instead.

Thank you,


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First, look at the processing options for P4021 and find the Supply & Demand Inclusion Rule code being used (e.g. S&D).

Next, go into the Supply & Demand Inclusion Rule application (P34004) for this code, and delete any entries for WB orders. Note that when you change this, everyone using this Supply & Demand Inclusion Rule code will be affected -- it's not a personal setting.

I haven't been any more specific because I don't know what version of E1 you're running. This is why it's always a good idea to put your system configuration into your post or your signature.
Good luck!