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Remote report writer development


We are planning to give report writer capability to select users in our company. However, the majority of our staff access JDE via Citrix. For local users, we can add a fat client. For remote users, we understand that fat client on the WAN is not a viable solution.

I have heard there is a Citrix solution. Is this true? If so, what does it look like? How well does it work?

We are converting to Xe next week. Do we get new capability there?

Does anyone out there do remote report writer development? Would you give me some ideas as to how you accomplish this?


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There is a document ott-01-0028 that was published by JDE that discusses the
limitations for Report Design on the Terminal Server. Design is limited to
UBE development. It is my understanding that there are other ways to do it,
and that you can go in a back door to do full development, i.e. forms, ube,
etc, but it is not supported by JDE at all.
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