Relaxing Sunday Development


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So I come in Sunday morning to do a little development work.

I end up locking the F9860 (Obj Lib Master) file (which I caused with my handy Add Label utility that I was running over OLB733).

This causes an Add function in Obj Librarian to fail on me. Then… I go to add a different object and I can’t. I couldn’t add any object. So I go into panic troubleshooting mode looking in CO files and all other files I could think of. Patched a few things, etc. etc. I still couldn’t add. So now I am praying like many people do on Sunday.

I end up calling JDE support and reached a very helpful person. I stopped/started SQL Server services…No luck. I used ENDNET on the 400…No luck.

Finally, I find in the job log of one of the QZDASOINIT jobs (thank ..insert your supreme being here.. it wasn't a normal day when we have 1,000+ of these jobs) an error message about a failed COMMIT/ROLLBACK. I end QSERVER, ENDNET, then I run the utility to delete all *SQLPKGs.

Now people can add objects in OL again.

Wow… Just a day in the life.

Have we ever discussed Committment control on this list? :0

Richard... I enjoyed your recent diatribe on the subject. I certainly appreciate the difficulties and concerns. My question had to do more with "what did JDE decide to do" as opposed to "what are the concerns/tactics of TP in general). After this little event, I am still confused - because some aspect of AS/400 committment control was in effect here (and I have never done anything to set it up).