E9.2 Relationship between QSoft's Duties, Functions and Components (Table)

Felipe Vidal

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In my CO they have QSoft installed, and I'm trying to understand the Segregation of Duties concept. I understand that the SoD is kind of a parent to the Function, and in turn the Function is the parent of the Components.

Where in the tables sit these relationships? I mean, how does the system now knows the relationship between an SoD and all its functions; an between a function and all its components.

Hi Felipe,

If I understand your question correctly, you want to understand the QSoft concepts of "function", "component", and their relationship to SOD...

First of all, there is really no direct relationship. Functions and Components are used to help define Roles. These elements are defined in a QSoftware product called Security Manager. This product is used to manage JDE security.

The SOD side of QSoftware is a separate product, Audit Manager. In Audit Manager, you define rules to identify SOD conflicts.

The relationship between the elements of the two products really does not exist directly. If a user has role(s) that give him access to programs that violate the SOD rules, then there will be a violation. Other than that, it's a loose relationship.