Reinstall Package Deletes Other Environments

Ray Justus

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This is a known bug in the install process. It happens on FAT Clients too. The workaround is to temporarily move your other environments out of the B7 folder before doing the install and moving them back after the install process finishes. The problem is fixed in Service Pack 16.

SAR 4922475 Reinstall Pkg Deletes other PC SystemH96

Service Pack 16 is now in Pre-release and is expected to be Generally Available on July 2.

Service Packs Available for Xe, B73.3.2 and B73.3.1

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Our customer has a problem. Every time a full package is deployed to the terminal server it deletes the other environment. So if PY is deployed DV will be deleted or the other way around.

If you have any idea where to go and fix let me know.

OW Xe-SP14/SunOS 5.8/Oracle 8.1.7/Citrix 1.8

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