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Reinstall environment help!


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Hi List.

About a year and a half ago, we had consultants come in to finish off our install of JDE by installing CUM 1. What they forgot to check was all the log files. Recently I have discovered that our Pristine and DEV environments where missing all the ER code (F98741). So I ran the reload*.bat file for each affected environment. This redid the CO's, but now I think that my code base is screwed up as well. SO.... How can I reload the entire Pristine and Dev environments without effecting my prod and crp setups? ( I have issues with CRP and Prod, so copying down is not an option!).

I never did the install or upgrade, so I would require some details on how to do this. Thanks for your help!


Prod: B733.1 SP11.3, NT4 SP6a and Oracle 8.0.5