Reimbursements that won't affect Income?


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Here's another HCM Question:
"Is there is a PDBA available that is used to reimburse employee for expense book type transactions through JDE payroll. The pay would have to be a cash benefit that does NOT increase gross, taxable, or net income. I cannot see where this is possible through our current payroll module. I have read some information that always leads me to “JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expense Management” that is their module of handling employee reimbursements. This management piece then feeds a payroll or a/p process.
I am wondering if there is a current PDBA that can be used for this. I am not seeing one or a way to do this and I want to confirm that notion." 

As always - any insight / suggestions are greatly appreciated!

There is a PDBA code = BER - business expense reimbursement so I suspect your requirement may be met in the application.
Doc 1163653.1 addresses one solution to it, using a non-taxable cash benefit since you're not using the expense reimbursement module.

Is that a P, D, B or A? PDBA(s) are numeric - thus, I'm not completely sure what you meant by "PDBA=BER"... .

Show me the way, if you can... Is there a standard JDE PDBA or is this something we have to build ourselves?

The BER code is an ADP reporting cat code.

The expense reimbursement would have to be a user defined pay type that is not included in gross, taxable, etc. And the payment would not be included in the employee annual W-2. If I can find more information I will send it along.