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Registry error running OneWorld Xe on TSE



When starting OneWorld on a TSE against a 'W' environment, we get an error
'failed to update the system registry'. If the message is acknowledged it
goes away and we are let in to OneWorld OK.

If the user we log on to the TSE as is a member of the administrator group
this issue disappears (but that is not an option !).

Andy Smith
Technology Consultant
Whitehouse Consultants Ltd

Tel : 01159 107143
Mobile : 07949 603770
E-Mail : andy_smith@whitehouse-consult.co.uk
It seems that you have installed Oneworld incorrectly on the Terminal
server. Make sure you install the app. for all users not just the


I would try some tool like 'regmon' to determine the failing key update.
Then determine if you want to give users access to update the key.
good luck.


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Your security on the TSE is too restricted. There is a document on the
Knowledge Garden on security for TSE's.