Regarding Data Report request by user


Hi All,

User requested from the JDE system as below.

With below listed columns:.
[FONT=Calibri,Times New Roman][FONT=Calibri,Times New Roman]Name, address, contact number, fax number, email ID of the Distributor / CFA / Stockiest to whom the above batches were sold by the Company and the date on which each of the batches were sold / supplied by the Company
[FONT=Calibri,Times New Roman][FONT=Calibri,Times New Roman]How ever i have taken out data by joining F42119,F0101,F0115 and F0116.Again user is asked for the "Batch Wise Quantity movements" , we provided quantity order(SDUORG),quantity Shipped(SDQOS).

But still user is not happy and again asking about "Specific quantity billed to stockiest" .

Please suggest there will be any other file other than these files or anything i am missing out?