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reg:Release held orders


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Hi JDE Listers,

My new request is to release the held orders with the given hold code.

I know one application which will do this (P43070) ,but i am very much sure that the held orders can also released By P4210 application. i would like to use the same code used to release held order in P4210 in my new custom application.

Can anyone please tell me how this is handeled in the code of P4210 also please give the processing steps.

Thanks in Advance


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I think the sales order header form is used to place the order on HOLD. It
uses the master business functions to hold and release.




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Assuming you are convinced the release hold logic in P4210 is somehow 'better' or 'easier' (or 'different' for that matter) than that of P43070...here's what you do:

Step 1. Open the ER for P4210
Step 2. Find the code in P4210 that relates to releasing hold codes
Step 3. Study it so you understand it
Step 4. Use what you learned in Step 3 to duplicate that logic in your app

If you are open to other methods, I suggest you look at P43070 to see how it is done there. Much less code to look through and, jeez, there may even be a nice neat bsfn that will do all the work for you.


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Thanks for the quick response.

The mentioned way is specified by my client.
I am unable to locate the master business function which releases held orders.

So can you please give me more details on that master business function.

Thanks in advance.