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Hey peekaboo, were you able to resolve the issue (copy of it below) from August? I'm having the same issue and am stuck. Help!

To everyone else, if you've seen this before, help would be appreciated.

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8/21/01 02:48 AM
Refreshing Environments from PY7333 [Post#: 19297 ]


We are running Xe SP15.1 with Oracle 8.1.7 and we recently refreshed the Production environment from Prototype using the following method:
1) Truncated Pd7333 schema
2) Exported PY central object tables to PD
3) Copied PY pathcode on Deployment server to PD and renamed diectories/inf files
4) Copied PY pathcode on Enterprise server to PD and renamed
5) Modified the F983051 Versions table (PY to PD)
6) Modified the F9861 table records.
7) Built full client and server packages in PD pathcode.

The package built fine and it has been deployed to server and workstation with no problems.

The issue is that when a UBE is submitted e.g. R014021 One Line per Address to the server the report completes but the PDF only has the address number, alpha name, and country data (all the correct headings are on the report). When the same report is run locally it generates correctly with all the data. Other reports have been run on the server and again they complete OK but either have only a subset of the data or say "no data selected". When run locally they produce the correct result.

I have promoted a couple of reports from PY to PD using OMW then deploying via an update package but when run the result is the same.

JDE suggested deleting PD's global table specs which I have done to no avail. They also don't know how to regenerate these specs for the server so if anyone can tell me I would be obliged.

I know you can refresh environments in the above manner but we are obvoiusly missing something. Can anyone help?


OneWorld Xe SP15.1, Update 2, HP-UX 11.0, Oracle 8.1.7, Citrix, Windows 2000