Redistributing a logged voucher screen lock


Hi List,

We have a problem with re-distribution of a logged voucher. The user can go
days without any problems and then have days where it locks everytime. I
have looked on the KG and found documents on Oracle settings but none of
them seem to work. The users are using citrix and it appears to be a problem
when more than one person is doing a similar job. When you switch on debug
you sometimes get F0002 (next numbers) locks or F0911 exclusive locks. Has
anyone else had this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Xe, Sp15.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6, Citrix


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Hi Matt

We also are having a problem with Voucher Redistribution.

When redistributing a logged voucher the program "hangs". The user has to
exit OW and login again. When checking
whether the voucher has redistributed the F0411 record field RPRP3 is
changed from P to R although the records in F0911
have not been updated with the redistributed entries. This means that the
AP voucher has been marked as redistributed
and therefore does not appear on the redistributed screen even though the
redistributed GL records have not been created.
The F0411records have to be manually changed back to P to allow the voucher
to be redistributed.

We are also on Xe, Sp15.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6, Citrix

Have you had any reponse to your original email or found a fix anywhere.
We have checked the KG but could not locate
a fix.


Louise Tyler
QBE Int'l Insurance

mattcncuk <[email protected]> on 03/08/2001 19:27:36


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Have you applied ESU 11564 or an earlier version of this ESU. I know we saw
something like this problem during testing, it was also setting the status
to A so they get paid, but since we applied the above ESU all seems fine.

This is a big ESU for Procurement/A/P and has fixes for a lot of SARs. Yours
may well be in the list, but if you can match your problem to the
description in the SAR your are lucky.

this ESU seems to be changed every other week, so get the latest version,
JDE seem to have a lot of bugs in this area.

I would suggest applying the ESU in CRP and giving it a bash.

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Hello Matt,

We also had a randomly hanging redistribution screen and tracked it down to the processing option that assigns the Pay Status Code after redistribution. This code was set to "A" but if you redistributed a paid voucher it hung, presumably because you cannot reset a paid voucher back to approved. When we took the "A" out of the processing option, it did not hang.

We currently have two versions of the program (P042002), with different PO settings for paid and unpaid vouchers and have had no more hanging. You may choose a different fix (e.g. customise the program).


Alan Temke
Brinks UK
B7332 NT4 SQL7